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Bed Bugs

TEAM Pest Control Bed Bug Preparation Checklist(click here)

Bed bugs are fairly cosmopolitan and are enjoying are resurgence in popularity while people are freaking out at their presence. Bed bugs strictly feed on blood preferably human. They can crawl for distances and hide in cracks. In human dwellings, initial bed bug infestations are typically found in the tufts, seams and folds of mattresses, box springs, and day bedcovers. If allowed to multiply, the bed bugs spread to cracks and crevices in wooden bed stands or interiors of metal or brass bedstands. They also establish themselves behind baseboards, window and door casings, pictures and picture molding, in other pieces of furniture, cracks in plaster and behind loose wallpaper. Bed bugs are usually spread from one place to another by eggs attached to (or by the bugs themselves) clothing or luggage of travelers and visitors, second-hand beds or parts thereof, used furniture or other items brought in where bed bugs hide. Bed bugs are small, wingless, brownish-red, flat, tick-like insects visible to the naked eye.

Treatment starts with an intense inspection. Then, a specialized personal program is planned for each situation. Steaming, freezing and vacuuming are initially preferred “green” techniques with residual materials, insect growth regulators, foams and dusts strategically placed coming in a close second. Bed bug resistant mattress and box spring encasements are also included, as are re-treatments. Scientists are studying new techniques to control these insects daily. If you think you have these biting insects, call TEAM now, and we will be glad to inspect your premises.


Meet FernMeet Fern

TEAM Pest Control is pleased to introduce its newest member to the TEAM...

Meet Fern. Our Bed Bug Inspector!

Trained dogs have been used successfully to detect bombs, drugs or lost persons. Since live bed bugs and live bed bug eggs release a distinct odor, these same dog trainers have perfected the art of teaching man’s best friend to detect these small, oftentimes hidden insects by their smell.

Trained under Matt Skogen, master canine detection trainer from Ironheart Training Center in Kansas City, Fern was certified by a third party organization that verified his capabilities under strict detection guidelines. Only top honors were accepted and she exceeded them all. Our handler, then participated in a rigorous one week course with Matt and his staff at the training academy to learn about handling and caring for the dog, before entering the field. This sets the stage for the canine detection dog and one handler. This team is committed to the highest level of expertise, impeccable integrity and rewarding reliability with your satisfaction guaranteed. Since then, Fern has become an integral part of the TEAM.

If you are concerned and think you may have bed bugs in your home or business, don't hesitate. Call us immediately. Fern is ready and so is TEAM.

Call TEAM at: (631) 806-5039

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