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Landscape Design

Ever since he was a kid, TEAM owner has had a garden he tended to. In the late 1990's his gardening passion was rewarded by winning the prestigious ‘Sayville Garden of The Year Award’ for his stunning, streetside, four-season garden. Armed with years of home-grown experience and a "green" thumb, the founder began designing and building gardens for friends, family and neighbors.

Now TEAM’s landscape design has expanded into a thriving, and sought after business. TEAM will take a very consultative approach and work out a plan with you, step-by-step. With TEAM, it certainly is a team-approach. Our landscape experts will work with you and help transform your vision into reality. We work within budget and tirelessly make your garden dreams come true.

Hardscaping with walkways, walls and patios can be combined with plants, evergreens, perennials and lawn to provide a gorgeous landscaped oasis at your property, either residential or commercial.. We keep you in the process all the way. You see the drawings. We show you the plants and the hardscape and recommend features to enhance that special space. While we're at it, why not throw in some spectacular landscape lighting options to show off your property at night? And don't forget a water feature! Once you're ready for that property beautification project, call TEAM and we'll be glad to come out and discuss all your landscape options.

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