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Your home is your castle! At TEAM, we feel exactly the same way. Our castles, big or small, are our most cherished investment to protect our children and family. It is our job as pest professionals to treat your home sensitively like it was our own.

Every house is different, and we spend a lot of time inspecting your property for all possible conditions conducive to pest problems. We identify these defects so that pests cannot find entry or harborage into your home. Suggestions might include caulking, trimming landscape, cleaning gutters or structural repairs. TEAM has a dedicated staff of professionals on hand at all times to tackle these tasks.

Once we identify the source of the program, we provide a strategy. All customer questions are answered and "green" solutions are implemented. A well-educated and informed homeowner is our best customer.

We guarantee our work. So if pest problems persist, we gladly come back to finish the job…At No Additional Cost!

Seasonal Power Plan

Most pests can be controlled by one, simple program. Sometimes, customers desire an annual pest preventative program where pests are controlled all year long and any and all infestations are covered with no additional expense. This is our Seasonal Power Plan. One fee covers you against a myriad of bugs all year long with safe, timely applications performed only during the season of April through September.

Our dedication to the protection of your health and property in a detailed, informative, professional way, and at a fair, reasonable and very competitive rate sets us dramatically apart from competitors:

  • You deal directly with the owners.
  • You get white glove treatment at your castle.
  • We are white-collar trained in a strictly blue-collar industry.
  • We specialize in sensitive properties, celebrity homes, waterfront properties, doctor's homes, and day care centers.

Call or email us and we will respond quickly; most times within the hour.

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