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The Eastern subterranean termite is responsible for an estimated $2 billion spent annually. The wood-consuming termites nest underground but have an extensive foraging system which they use to locate cellulose materials above ground and in the soil. These termites readily construct galleries in soil and wood. When moving, termites build earthen runways (shelter tubes) using soil to hide from predators, light and the drying effects of air.

Evidence of termites may include shelter tubes, damaged wood or winged swarmers. These typically emerge for a nuptial flight in early spring, mate and then drop their wings. Flying ants are sometimes mistaken for this termite class, but some simple observations will help make the correct identification. Preventative measures should be used to reduce the likelihood of problems with subterranean termites. It is extremely important to eliminate any soil contact with structural timbers, form boards or other wood. Also, remove all wooden debris (stumps, scrap wood, cardboard boxes, newspapers, fire wood) under or around building. Correct any moisture problems associated with the structure, particularly with siding or foundation. Grade the soil away from the structure and do not use wood chips or mulch near the foundation. All you are doing is ringing the dinner bell for termites.

If you think you have termites, call TEAM now and our service professionals will perform a free inspection. If you see any insects, save them on a piece of tape or in a plastic baggie for us to identify them.

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