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Bed Bugs
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Bed Bugs

  1. Remove all bedding, sheets, comforters, pillow cases and wash in the hottest water possible. Once complete, dry them in dryer, fold and place in a new 3ml (contractor size) plastic bag, knotted.
  2. Remove all clothing from dressers and closets. All washable items can be placed in dryer for 45 minutes, folded and placed in new 3ml plastic bags and knotted. Discard all old, contaminated bags  in a new bag, sealed and put out to trash.
  3. All non-washable items (dry cleaning, shoes, books, knick knacks, pocketbooks, etc.) must be placed either in open plastic bags or a closet. These items will be quarantined by TEAM for 10 days with insect strips and sealed by TEAM. TEAM will open and remove insect strips in 10 days.
  4. Vacuum entire house thoroughly prior to treatment. Take vacuum cleaner outside to empty and throw away vacuum bag.
  5. Remove all hanging pictures from walls and place on floor leaning on the wall.
  6. Do not remove any items from your home unless you clear it through TEAM.
  7. Remove all curtains and drapes and send to dry cleaners.

Please remember that all occupants must remain out of treated area for 4 hours after treatment is completed by TEAM.  Upon your arrival to your home or business, you can put your sheets and bedding back onto beds and use them.

You also can put back all cleaned clothes from your knotted bags into drawers and closets.

Do not touched sealed bags or quarantined closets. TEAM will unseal them in 10 days.

Any non-washable clothing (suits, dresses, coats, etc.) that need to be used within the 10 days should be washed, dry cleaned, stored or hung for use in the bathroom.

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