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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I see a cockroach, does it mean I have more hidden in my walls?

A: Not necessarily! One cockroach could have entered in a grocery bag or a box. To be safe, call TEAM and we'll assess the situation and propose a realistic approach.

Q: I see a termite mud tunnel, is it old?

A: It is almost impossible to tell the age of a mud tunnel. To be safe, call TEAM for an inspection and we will determine the best, most affordable course of action to eliminate your fears about termites.

Q: I see piles of sawdust in my house, is it termites?

A: Probably not. Many insects produce sawdust--carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powderpost beetles, even gnawing mice. Sawdust fragments can be analyzed to determine the culprit. Call TEAM for a free inspection.

Q: I have a clean house, why are these ants coming into my kitchen?

A: Ants are industrious little devils and are seeking stable environments so are commonly going to enter domiciles and then seek food and water (your kitchen). Call TEAM for a safe and affordable ant treatment for your home.

Q: Why are carpenter ants in my house?

A: Most likely there is a water problem ( plumbing leak, faulty window or skylite, overflowing, uncleaned gutters, AC drips, leaky hoses, etc.) or easy access onto your home ( bushes or trees touching your house, firewood storage too close, wires touching house).

Q: Why are rodents in my building?

A: There are openings that mice and rats can squeeze into. Mice can fit into anything the size of a dime. Rats can squeeze into anything the size of a nickel. So check your exterior for openings and plug or seal them ASAP. If you want us to come over and check, just call TEAM.

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