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Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Mosquitoes are becoming a larger problem with the mild, wet winters we’ve been having. In order to be prepared, I thought a few common sense tips would be helpful.

Mosquitoes like four environmental conditions:

  1. Cooler
  2. Shadier
  3. Out of the wind
  4. Moisture.

So, by knowing these conditions, we can help ourselves, when it comes to these biting insects. If we can eliminate or at least limit these conditions in our yards, we can fight against the mosquito population. Water-holding receptacles are prime real estate for mosquitoes and are fairly easy to identify: buckets, old tires, wheel barrows, sinks, bottles, flowerpots, children’s toys, bird baths, pet bowls, unused pools, pool covers, folded tarps or stagnant ponds. Even house gutters or low lying grassy areas where water accumulates are sources.  So, inspect your yard and remove any of these items as soon as possible.

A little biology can help here too. The pregnant female mosquito is the only one to bite. She then lays her eggs (sometimes up to 300 at a time) on standing water receptacles to hatch into larval wrigglers. Then, they pupate and emerge as adults.  Depending on conditions, this cycle could take from 4 days to a month. The eggs are drought resistant and sticky, so they can reside on the container rim until it fills with water again. These eggs can stay alive for one year or more. Feeding times for adults are when light conditions are changing, that is sunrise or sunset. So, be aware of these as optimal times for mosquito activity and, therefore, act accordingly.

Protection is another consideration. Mosquito repellants with DEET are available at stores and are safe and effective for children and adults.  The concentration of DEET entering the body is very small, so it is useful. The greater % of active ingredient, the longer the protection.

Take care of yourselves this summer and reduce mosquito populations by heeding these simple tips at your house today. If you want us to professionally treat your yard, call us for a free inspection.

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