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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bed Bug Solution With Bed Bug Sniffing Dog

Specialty trained bedbug dogs can detect the presence of elusive bedbugs with pin-point accuracy, saving time and money. These dogs have the ability to detect the presence of selective bed bug/nymph scent even at the finest molecular level.

When selecting a specialized bedbug detection dog for inspecting premises breed does matter. That is why Toy Fox Terriers are the perfect breed for a bed bug inspection dog. Terrier breeds have been documented in England as far back as the 1500s. These breeds were developed to rout foxes from their dens during the hunt. The hunt continues as Fern is an expert at routing out even the worst bedbug problem. Toy Fox Terriers are highly intelligent which makes Fern the perfect dog to handle the tasks presented as a bedbug dog for Team Pest Control. More important, she's trained to find these bedbugs in any structure no matter where they are hiding. Bedbugs can be very difficult to locate. Fern can locate bedbugs in any home,office,hotel, apartment, condo, home or school. When Fern finds Bed Bugs it is up to Team Pest Control to eradicate the issue.

Increasingly, real estate lawyers are urging buyers in contract to inspect apartments/homes before they close or renters rent a new apartment.The bedbug problem has only grown worse in the last couple years.The bed bug problem has grown worse since bedbugs can crawl through walls and along wiring and pipes, and cling on clothing, furniture, purses, luggage and more. Bed bug sniffing dogs, adorable yet stunningly accurate -- entomology researchers at the University of Florida report that well-trained dogs can detect a single live bug or egg with 96 percent accuracy -- bedbug dogs like Fern are the new and furry front line in an escalating and confounding domestic war.(NY Times 3-11-2010)

Fern was purchased from Ironheart Canine Training Academy in Kansas City, Kansas. World renowned master trainer, Matt Skogen has trained canines for the FBI, US Army, and numerous police forces around the globe. Training to detect bed bugs was right in his scope and we are so happy with our newest addition to TEAM. We have a trained handler which is important for Fern to do your job successfully. She is a certified bed bug detection canine which is crucial when it comes to bed bug detection out in the field.

Fern was trained for 1000 hours at the academy and, still today, must be trained each day on live bedbugs that we keep in vials with screened tops. When she smells the live insects, she sits and gets rewarded with food. She is three years old now and has become a valuable tool in the detection of  live bed bugs or live bedbug eggs. She is 97% accurate in the field.Fern has completed over 50 bed bug inspections since she joined the team at Team Pest Control.

Whenever we get a positive sign from Fern, we inspect the area completely to verify her findings. And... funny thing... she's always right! She travels with TEAM members in her small crate that feels just like home to her.

Team Pest  are experts when it comes to Bed bugs. To find more bedbug tips please visit.Your Long Islands Pest Control Experts

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