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Ponds & Waterfalls

Did you know that ‘Water Features’ are the number one desired backyard addition these days? And what better way to enjoy earth's greatest natural resource than with a natural pond and waterfall. Following the "green" approach of Aquascape, a world leader in natural pond design and construction, TEAM will devise an affordable, concise and simple plan for your water garden.

First and foremost, your pond should look and behave like it's been there for one hundred years. So we design to make it look and behave naturally.

  • No chemicals 
  • No elaborate filtrations 
  • No unnatural products like concrete or plastics, or contrived, unrealistic waterfalls.

Plants, both around the pond and in the water will complement and soften the surroundings, beautifying the natural design of the pond.

And finally…we add fish! All different colors and sizes to bring the pond alive!

TEAM offers consultative design, construction and maintenance for your water garden. Don't forget lighting! And, how about a bench for two to sit, relax and enjoy your new lifestyle.

Call TEAM for a detailed consultation and begin your water feature today!

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